EA Giving Tuesday

Donated and Matched Amounts

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Total Amounts Donated and Matched

We estimate that 52% of donation amounts were matched.

Donated and Matched Amounts by Cause Area

Donated and Matched Amounts by Organization

Note: The donation amounts on this page have been adjusted to subtract $147k in donations made very early or very late, with no intention of being matched.

Donated and Matched Amounts by Regranting Organization

Some organizations that are not their own US registered 501(c)(3) nonprofits are receiving donations and matches through another regranting organization.

Estimated from Fundraisers vs. Reported by Organizations

We've sent follow-up e-mails to all organizations expected to receive a nontrivial amount of donations and/or matches informing them the amounts they should be receiving. Most organizations have helpfully reported to us the donated, matched, and/or total amounts that either (a) Facebook informed them they'll be receiving or (b) they've already received. For organizations expected to receive at least $2,000, the table below shows the amounts we've estimated from fundraiser page data vs. the amounts reported to us by the organizations.

A few further notes on this:

  • All organizations should have received donations and (if applicable) matching funds by now, although some haven't reported the amounts to us.

  • There is some be some ambiguity and inconsistency in what the different reported amounts mean. For instance, some reported amounts may include Facebook donations made outside of our fundraisers, while other reported amounts may not include those donations. Other reported amounts might be approximations, or described as "at least" this amount.

  • The amounts for Rethink Charity, GiveWell, Centre for Effective Altruism, and Animal Charity Evaluators also include the amounts they are regranting to other organizations.

  • An empty cell means the organization has not reported this information.